Pick a Class, and level them up!

Minecraft at its core is great. But why not have some fun and level up your character, while getting STRONGER, FASTER and NEW SPELLS?

Key Commands:

/player - This is your player profile, it will give you your stats and what you have available to use. Also, check out the professions! 

/class(/c) - This helps you choose a CLASS! Or if you want to try a new class, all you need is a class point. (Obtained by leveling up at certain levels and purchasing through vendors. Don't worry, your current class level and stats will be saved to swap back later. 

/skills(/s) - This is where you will access your skills and how to apply/level them up!

/attribute(/att) - Here you will level up your core attributes. Increase strength, dexterity and intelligence 

Create your own shops!

Check this out how to make your own shop. 

What you put in

Menu to organize

What shop looks like

Waypoints! (Quick Travel)


Waypoints are simple! Look for them in the wild, they must first be found to activate them, then you can simply travel between waypoint locations! Be careful though and don't run out of stamina. There is a cost to traveling at the speed of light!
To activate a waypoint, simply CROUCH or SNEAK on the waypoint platform. That's it, it is unlocked! Sneak again to open to quick travel menu and select your new destination that you have previously unlocked. 
You can also use /wp to quick access the menu. 

What kind of shenanigans could be going on at the Mage School?

Look for this platform. This is a good indicator you have found a Waypoint. Or is it an imposter?

What type of foul beast lies beyond this waypoint I wonder?

We all love PETS!


Seriously, that is it. If you have a pet this will pull up a menu to help you spawn, ride or maybe even... Put your pet on your head like a hat!

SHIFT + Right click your pet, for more fun!

Battle Pets

Passive Pets