Simply put, we are not babysitters and cannot monitor 24/7. Parents, first and foremost it is your responsible to monitor your child's online interactions. You are their shield against any and all that wish to do them harm. Be vigilant and aware of what your child is doing online.

Rule 1: Have a great time. Seriously, it is a game.

Rule 2: Profanity, name calling, berating others can and will get you banned.

Rule 3: Hacking/X'raying is not allowed.

Rule 4: Soliciting for other MC servers, or services of ANY kind will result in an immediate ban.

Rule 5: Do not request/nudge for personal information from ANYONE on our server. Once again, you will be banned.

While rules are meant to be followed and maintain some level of order. This is not always the case.
Remember this is a PVP server and not everything will go your way. That is ok.. Welcome to the real world!